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Lykke Li’s New Album Wounded Rhyme

December 24, 2010 2 comments

Finally!  The highly anticipated follow up to Lykke Li’s critcally acclaimed Youth Novels is scheduled to be due out sometime next year. It has been titled “Wounded Rhymes” and below is the just released artwork and track list.

Track listing for the album will be:

01 Youth Knows No Pain
02 I Follow Rivers
03 Love Out Of Lust
04 Unrequited Love
05 Get Some
06 Rich Kid Blues
07 Sadness Is A Blessing
08 I Know Places
09 Jerome
10 Silent My Song

If the track names are any indication of the depth of this album, i’m sure it will be another masterpiece.

For more info visit the official release here




Top 5 love songs by Erykah Badu

December 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Ever hear a song that just perfectly describes a love you once had as though it  was written just for you? Or maybe a song that reminds you of a lost love or one you are trying to find again? Over and over again erykah badu amazes me with her ability to write such beautiful songs that touch your soul.  I don’t think there is one person in this world who cannot relate to at least one of these songs.  If you have any other love songs you would like to share please feel free to comment below.

1. In Love With You (ft. Stephen Marley) [lyrics] [album]

Hands down one of the best love songs ever written and recorded. To me it’s a song of shy yet undeniable love, from the soothing guitar to the simple yet beautiful lyrics, this song remains one that will forever touch my heart.

2. Certainly [lyrics] [album]

Certainly was not looking for a love affair until i stumbled upon this song. An ode to unannounced love, this song rings true. Ever vow to never fall in love again after having your heartbroken? I certainly have and in that moment of despair someone seems to walk in and change your heart completely. From listening to his song, i can tell Erykah has been through it at least once or twice. The way she tells it is the way it is.

3. Fall In Love (Your Funeral) [lyrics][album]

Some may argue if this is truly a love song and everyone is entitled to their opinion but to me this song is about two of the basic human emotions…fear and love. “You don’t want to fall in love with me”  The repeated chorus tells of someone not wanting to be the object of someone elses desire because they feel they aren’t good enough.  Again, amazing vocals with an amazing message combines to make this a great love song.

4. Out of My Mind, Just In Time [lyrics][album]

Are you a recovering undercover over-lover? Then this song is for you. Basically a story of trying to get over someone while another one wants you at the same time…and succeeding. Just in time.

5. Gone Baby, Don’t Be Long [lyrics][album]

A song of missing the one you love and doing anything to have them by your side at this moment even though you know there is nothing you can do but be patient. To me that’s the hardest type of patience you can have. A lesson i’m still learning.

Beautiful Songs from the Music Box: Part 1

December 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Artist: Erykah Badu

Album: Mama’s Gun

Song: Bag Lady

There are some songs that after listening to them back to back for days on end just tend to get old and annoying. Then there are those songs that stand the test of time and seem to get more beautiful with each and every listen. Bag Lady is definitely among one of those songs. To this day it has helped me through many rough spots in my life and has since been motivating me to “pack light”.

The soothing beats with Badu’s voice just adds up to this amazing piece of work. Starting out soft and almost haunting only to rise up with soul and passion that is unrivaled.

Below are the lyrics to Bag Lady and in red are a few of my favorite quotes from the song and what they mean to me:

“All you must hold onto is you” When the world gets tough and you think you can’t go at it alone think again because in the end all you have is you. so hold onto that.

“One Day all them bags gone get in your way” – Let go of some of the stress because in the end, it Will get to you in one way or another.

“Pack Light” – Simple yet powerful meaning. Be a minimalist in life. Be rich with experience and not the stresses of every day life.

“If you start breathin’ then you won’t believe it. You’ll feel so much better” – You’re alive. That in itself is a miracle so just breathe, its free..and it makes you feel so much better.

“I betcha love can make it better” – Love makes the world go ’round.

The Lyrics:

Bag lady you gone hurt your back
Dragging all them bags like that
I guess nobody ever told you
All you must hold on to
Is you, is you, is you

One day all them bags gone get in your way
One day all them bags gone get in your way
I said one day all them bags gone get in your way
One Day all them bags gone get in your way

So pack light
Pack light
Pack light
Ooh ooh

Bag lady you gone miss your bus
You can’t hurry up
Cause you got too much stuff
When they see you comin
Niggas take off runnin
From you it’s true oh yes they do

One day he gone say you crowdin my space
One day he gone say you crowdin my space
I said one day he gone say you crowdin my space
One day he gone say you crowdin my space

So pack light
Pack light
Pack light
Ooh ooh

Girl I know sometimes it’s hard
And we can’t let go
Oh when someone hurts you oh so bad inside
You can’t deny it you can’t stop crying
So oh, oh, oh
If you start breathin
Then you won’t believe it
You’ll feel so much better
(So much better baby)

Bag lady
Let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go
Ooh, ooh
Girl you don’t need it
I betcha love can make it better
Betcha love can make it better
Betcha love can make it better
(Need someone to love you right)
Betcha love can make it better
(I betcha love, betcha love)
Betcha love can make it better
Betcha love can make it better
Betcha love can make it better
Betcha love can make it better
(I betcha love, betcha love)
Betcha love can make it better
(I betcha love, I betcha love, oh)
Betcha love can make it better
Betcha love can make it better
Betcha love can make it better…

Bag lady, hmm
Let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go
Girl you don’t need that, hmm

If you love or hate this song, please feel free to share your opinion below. I’d love to hear it’s impact on your life.

Top 5 Janelle Monae Photos

December 7, 2010 1 comment

I find pictures of Janelle Monae to be thought invoking, gender bending, and fascinating. Here is a beautiful woman without all the excess stuff that has plagued our definition of Beauty for decades. Janelle Monae is naturally beautiful, inside and out but for now let’s focus on the outside. Here are my top 5 photos of Janelle Monae.

[as of 12.7.10.]


Classy Yet Dangerous.


Can you repeat that?

Simple Yet Elegant

Deep in Thought. I'd love to see what's going on in that beautiful mind.


Janelle Monae: A Love Story.

Janelle Monae is a singer,songwriter,dancer and all around lead thinker in the resistance of uniformity. With the infusion of jazz, r&b, acoustic, rock, hip hop, and all around music freedom, she has created beautifully arranged music with tear-invoking vocal honesty and alien beats which come together to create worlds only dreamed of. In order to truly experience this out-of-world experience you must give her a listen as i did so many years ago.

When i first heard Janelle Monae a few years ago, it was on a compilation cd of upcoming indie artists. I cannot remember the name of this cd but the one thing i do remember was hearing  a song by the name of ‘Sincerely,Jane’ and just feeling this chill. That familiar chill when you are listening to new music and you know you have just discovered something beautiful.  Of course the logical next step was to go listen to as much Janelle Monae as i could over the next month or so and that i did. Not only did i not get tired of hearing the same album over and over again but i continued to fall in love with her music with each diverse and unexpected note.