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Janelle Monae: A Love Story.

Janelle Monae is a singer,songwriter,dancer and all around lead thinker in the resistance of uniformity. With the infusion of jazz, r&b, acoustic, rock, hip hop, and all around music freedom, she has created beautifully arranged music with tear-invoking vocal honesty and alien beats which come together to create worlds only dreamed of. In order to truly experience this out-of-world experience you must give her a listen as i did so many years ago.

When i first heard Janelle Monae a few years ago, it was on a compilation cd of upcoming indie artists. I cannot remember the name of this cd but the one thing i do remember was hearing  a song by the name of ‘Sincerely,Jane’ and just feeling this chill. That familiar chill when you are listening to new music and you know you have just discovered something beautiful.  Of course the logical next step was to go listen to as much Janelle Monae as i could over the next month or so and that i did. Not only did i not get tired of hearing the same album over and over again but i continued to fall in love with her music with each diverse and unexpected note.

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